NYC Vegetarian Festival

Walking into the festival - it was pretty busy so I didn't get the best pictures of the event

Yesterday I ventured to the NYC vegetarian festival to sample different vegetarian and vegan goods with a veggie friend of mine. About 15 years ago I gave up red meat and pork. I never really liked the taste of meat and I never looked back. I continue to eat chicken and turkey and I absolutely love fish. Given my diet I have always been curious about making vegetarian meals and incorporating protein into my diet to make sure I am fully replacing what I don’t eat.

My first experiences with tofu were as a camper at a sleep-away camp in Maine. The camp hippie run and the cook was amazing. At every meal there was a vegetarian and vegan option (not your typical salad bar option either real meals). I had never had the chance to eat tofu that was properly prepared and I gobbled it up. I looked forward to eating those vegetarian meals all year long and I can safely say I ate better than most sleep-away campers during the summer months. It was years before I started to make my own quality veggie meals and even longer before I started to make my own tofu that actually tasted good.

So when I heard the Vegetarian Festival was going to be in town this weekend I was excited! To add another level to my vegetable friendly diet, I developed lactose intolerance a couple of years ago and am always interested in learning about new dairy free products.

check out all that peanut butter - yum!

It was a lot of fun and I had some very tasty goodies – including my favorite treat of the day some vegan marshmallows. As someone who loves to bake I always find it interesting to see what substitutes are used to make cookies, brownies, etc vegan.┬áMy friend and I couldn’t help but find it strange that we didn’t see a vegetable the entire time we were there! There were a few tables that we didn’t make it to because of the lines like a smoothie station and vegan sushi bar, I would imagine they had some vegetables there. It seemed off to me that there weren’t more stands featuring fresh produce or resources to access these goods.

Do you have a favorite vegetarian meal or product?