I am not like most 24 year olds – I own more kitchen gadgets than should be allowed for a girl living in a small NYC apartment, I rank the day that I got my Kitchen Aid Mixer among the top ten best days of my life, I spent a month and a half debating the color and size of the Le Creuset dutch oven I asked for  for Christmas, and I am always planning the next thing I am going to make in my kitchen.

A friend recently told me that I should just start a blog, she also promised that people would want to read it. I will never know whether she made this promise because she was sick of listening to what I planned to cook for dinner that night and thought I needed a new outlet for my kitchen creations or if she truly believed people want to read about these things! Regardless of the motivations, here I am. I love food! I love to cook and love to bake and I love to talk about baking and cooking. I also like to run – because with all of the eating I need to do something to work it off.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy – and for the record I ALWAYS taste my batter before I cook it (haven’t gotten salmonella yet)!

Contact Me:

Want to get in touch e-mail me at nlg626@hotmail.com or find me on twitter @thesugarlining, I look forward to hearing from you!


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